Expectations of students to meet the transcript notation requirement

  • Involvement in all major phases of a project including conception, implementation, and presentation.  Will generally involve sustained work over multiple quarters resulting in an original contribution relative to the discipline. 
  • A project presentation that must be to an audience that extends beyond the immediate research group or creative context of the student (see application for potential audiences).
  • Evidence of the presentation must be submitted and materials must be deposited into the OSU Scholars Archive. 
  • Endorsement of the application by a member of the OSU Graduate Faculty, verifying satisfaction of the criteria described above.
  • Completed Form A (PDF) or Form B (PDF) left with College Head Advisor.


Expectations of the undergraduate student’s mentor

An OSU graduate faculty mentor of an undergraduate student applying for the OSU Undergraduate Research/Arts Fellow transcript notation is responsible for:

  • Certifying that the student has met the expectations of research/creativity (see below) for such notations and
  • Indicating whether a student’s efforts are best recognized with a designation as a Research Fellow OR as an Arts Fellow.